Sleepless in Seattle

Last month, Ian and I finally crossed Seattle off our bucket list! We booked this trip literally the week after we came home from SF so it was about a four month countdown and it FINALLY. HAPPENED.

Seattle was a special trip because it was our first out of state vacation together, as well as a completely new spot for the both of us. It's safe to say that we both LOVED Seattle, and would definitely return. I was shocked at how much green I saw, and it was such a perfect balance of both nature and city.

Seattle is filled with beautiful sights to see, delicious food spots, and the perfect spring weather to top it all off. We were super lucky with the weather for our trip because we came across no rain, and it was a steady 70-74 degrees throughout our vacation. I also have to mention how the sun did not set until 9 pm, and we LOVED having that extra bit of sunlight everyday.

I curated a list of all the things we did while we were there, and decided to share it with you guys. A special shout out goes to my ate Lauren who recommended a lot of these places for us to try! I hope everyone else loves Seattle as much as we did!


  • Ezell’s Famous Chicken

  • Molly Moon’s Ice Cream

  • Wild Ginger

  • Amazon Go

  • Pink Door

  • Portage Bay Cafe

  • Starbucks Reserve Roastery

  • mBar

  • Dick’s

  • Japonessa


  • Atomic Helicopters

  • Pike Place Market

  • Gum Wall

  • Space Needle

  • Westlake Center

  • Seattle Great Wheel

  • Kerry Park

  • MoPOP

  • Chihuly Glass & Garden

  • Seattle Public Library

  • Sky View Observatory

  • Golden Gardens