Emerald City Views


For our first day in Seattle, we went on another open door helicopter ride! I thought this was a clever way to start off our vacation, because we got to see an entire layout of the city before we started adventuring. 

We flew with Atomic Helicopters, and our entire experience was a pleasant one! We flew with only one pilot this time, and there was less narrating on this ride which was not a problem to me. The winds definitely did not feel as wild as our Los Angeles flight. In fact, I found this flight to be quite relaxing overall.

The sights were absolutely breathtaking. I found myself in shock seeing how green everything was, but I guess it's not called the Emerald City for nothing. I LOVED seeing the abundance of nature that I definitely don't see down in SoCal. It was truly a sea of green, mixed in with the city life. It was the perfect balance, as all things in life should be! I'm still not over the views, but I'll let my photos show you what I mean.

Overall, I definitely recommend flying with Atomic Helicopters whenever you're in Seattle. Everybody was super friendly and they made our experience a memorable one. The beautiful views were absolutely worth it!