Sugarfish - Studio City, CA

My boyfriend and I finally got to try Sugarfish for the first time, one that's been on our bucket list!

We went to the location in Studio City, and I was surprised at how small the location was. In fact, we couldn't even find the door at first LOL. Inside, the place is quite dim but modern and clean. The aesthetic is not one that stands out, if that's a factor that matters to you.

We ordered the edamame, unagi sushi, salmon sushi, kampachi, New Zealand sea bream, and a few toro hand rolls.

Everything we had did not disappoint. The unagi sushi and salmon sushi each came with two pieces for about $5.50-$5.75. These were delicious, but it's super easy to start racking up your tab here. My favorite order had to be the toro hand rolls. The rice was warm and the seaweed was crisp, not to mention the toro melted in my mouth.

Would I come back? Yes! It's not my number one sushi spot, but it's definitely a spot I can see myself returning to.

Nobu - Malibu, CA

Last weekend, my boyfriend surprised us with a lunch date at Nobu in Malibu!

This was our first time at this location. Upon walking inside the restaurant, I immediately loved the ambiance of the room, filled with wood and huge windows. I thrive in the sunlight and any bright natural lighting! We ordered the acai punch, edamame, crispy rice soup, seafood ceviche, toro cut roll, and spicy tuna hand roll.

  • Acai Punch- We love anything acai, so this drink definitely stood out to us. A little tangy at first, but when the ice starts to melt, it’s perfect.

  • Crispy Rice Soup- Ian said this tasted like “miso soup times 10". A unique menu item that I have never seen before!

  • Seafood Ceviche- Surprisingly rich in flavor! It was not the typical ceviche I’m used to having as it was topped with tuna, yellowtail, and even octopus.

  • Spicy Tuna Hand Roll- AMAZING. I would come back and order three of these. Seaweed was crisp the way I like it, and the blend of everything together tasted absolutely delicious.

  • Toro Cut Roll- Ian says this was very good! Very fresh and fatty, and melted in his mouth- as all toro should.

Overall, the experience was wonderful. The ambiance of the room and the flavorful food make me eager to come back!