Pink Door - Seattle, WA


While gathering our Seattle itinerary, I heard Pink Door is a must-try in Seattle. Ian and I don't typically go for Italian food, but I'm so glad we tried this one.

Pink Door can be found in Post Alley in the Pike Place Market, and you literally should be looking for the pink door. That's right, there are no other signs or bright neon lights to look for. We made dinner reservations for 9:15 pm, but arrived a bit earlier and they were kind enough to seat us outside right away. Their outdoor terrace was stringed with colorful lights and had views of Elliot Bay, and it was surprisingly not cold.

Rigatoni and Don & Joe's Grilled Italian Sausage - I was pleasantly surprised by this dish. Their pasta was cut thick and it was the perfect texture. I don't normally feel this way about pasta, but I was craving this after our trip.

Rosemary Grilled Half Chicken - Paired with grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes, all of which were so good. The chicken was well seasoned and not dry at all!

Tuscan Fries & Fried Herbs - This was a larger serving than expected, but I guess that makes it worth it! Very yummy when paired with the herbs.

The entire ambiance of this place is great. There was live music, and I even heard that there is a trapeze dancer on certain nights. You can definitely find me at Pink Door again the next time I visit Seattle.

TIP - Don’t forget to make a reservation if possible! I almost forgot, but luckily Ian came to the rescue.