Sugarfish - Studio City, CA

My boyfriend and I finally got to try Sugarfish for the first time, one that's been on our bucket list!

We went to the location in Studio City, and I was surprised at how small the location was. In fact, we couldn't even find the door at first LOL. Inside, the place is quite dim but modern and clean. The aesthetic is not one that stands out, if that's a factor that matters to you.

We ordered the edamame, unagi sushi, salmon sushi, kampachi, New Zealand sea bream, and a few toro hand rolls.

Everything we had did not disappoint. The unagi sushi and salmon sushi each came with two pieces for about $5.50-$5.75. These were delicious, but it's super easy to start racking up your tab here. My favorite order had to be the toro hand rolls. The rice was warm and the seaweed was crisp, not to mention the toro melted in my mouth.

Would I come back? Yes! It's not my number one sushi spot, but it's definitely a spot I can see myself returning to.