Pink Door - Seattle, WA


While gathering our Seattle itinerary, I heard Pink Door is a must-try in Seattle. Ian and I don't typically go for Italian food, but I'm so glad we tried this one.

Pink Door can be found in Post Alley in the Pike Place Market, and you literally should be looking for the pink door. That's right, there are no other signs or bright neon lights to look for. We made dinner reservations for 9:15 pm, but arrived a bit earlier and they were kind enough to seat us outside right away. Their outdoor terrace was stringed with colorful lights and had views of Elliot Bay, and it was surprisingly not cold.

Rigatoni and Don & Joe's Grilled Italian Sausage - I was pleasantly surprised by this dish. Their pasta was cut thick and it was the perfect texture. I don't normally feel this way about pasta, but I was craving this after our trip.

Rosemary Grilled Half Chicken - Paired with grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes, all of which were so good. The chicken was well seasoned and not dry at all!

Tuscan Fries & Fried Herbs - This was a larger serving than expected, but I guess that makes it worth it! Very yummy when paired with the herbs.

The entire ambiance of this place is great. There was live music, and I even heard that there is a trapeze dancer on certain nights. You can definitely find me at Pink Door again the next time I visit Seattle.

TIP - Don’t forget to make a reservation if possible! I almost forgot, but luckily Ian came to the rescue.

Wild Ginger - Seattle, WA


For our first night in Seattle, Ian made dinner reservations for us at Wild Ginger, an Asian cuisine spot. I've never heard of this restaurant prior to coming to Seattle, but I am SO glad we tried it. 

Upon entry, the interior looked clean and modern with lots of wood tones and high ceilings. We were quickly seated and ordered three different dishes plus dessert. I'm typically hesitant about trying modern Asian restaurants simply because I grew up eating authentic home-cooked Asian meals. However, I was pleasantly surprised by every single dish! Everything was so FLAVORFUL. 

Seven Flavor Beef - Flank steak seasoned with seven different flavors inspired by Vietnamese cuisine. It was yummy, but it was not super special to what I usually eat. 

Angkor Wat Chicken - Wok fried chicken with herbs, spicy black beans, bell peppers, and onions. When this was brought out, I could immediately smell all the amazing seasonings. The chicken was soft and silky and paired amazingly with the bell peppers. 

Sichuan Green Beans - If you love green beans you need to order this one. I was craving this dish for the rest of our Seattle trip. Such a simple dish, but so so flavorful. 

Mango Sticky Rice - MY FAVORITE DISH, I am still thinking about it to this day. The sticky rice was coated with a coconut sauce that was not overly sweet, making the entire dish AMAZING. Please do yourself a favor and try this. 

Wild Ginger, I am impressed. I would highly recommend checking out this spot and I would most definitely return... especially for that mango sticky rice!

Ps. Peep the Great Wheel behind the restaurant! An easy after dinner walk to make.

Moonshadows - Malibu, CA

May is a SUPER exciting month for me, mostly because it’s my boyfriend’s birthday! I love going all out for him, and this year I wanted to plan a super nice dinner for him and his foodie heart. There are about a million options to choose from, but when I saw the ocean view Moonshadows had, I knew it was going to be the one.

I made a reservation for Moonshadows about two months in advance, just to ensure we get seated as quickly as possible next to a window. The window side view of the ocean was BEAUTIFUL. It almost gave the illusion that we were out at sea.

  • Spicy Ahi Tuna Tartare - MY FAVORITE THING WE ORDERED. I could have ate three of these on my own. The spicy ahi tuna sits on a bed of seaweed salad and cucumbers, and is topped with avocado and a sesame wonton. The flavors all blend so well together. I highly recommend this one.

  • New York Steak - Ian had the steak and said it was incredibly good and “melted in [his] mouth like butter.” Despite being a thicker cut, it still cut easy. The only complaint here was that it was a little too done for his taste even after asking for it to be cooked medium. His personal preference is a little more red, however the taste was NOT dry at all.

  • Lobster & Crab Linguine - I’m not usually a pasta kinda girl, but if you know me, you know I love seafood so I was down to try this one. It’s topped with a light spicy tomato sauce, but in my opinion I didn’t taste any spiciness. The lobster and crab was not lacking to my surprise, and overall this was worth trying.

Worth it? It is most likely that I would return here for a special occasion rather than a casual lunch. I would definitely love to come back to try the rest of the menu, and on a day that is not overcast!

Sugarfish - Studio City, CA

My boyfriend and I finally got to try Sugarfish for the first time, one that's been on our bucket list!

We went to the location in Studio City, and I was surprised at how small the location was. In fact, we couldn't even find the door at first LOL. Inside, the place is quite dim but modern and clean. The aesthetic is not one that stands out, if that's a factor that matters to you.

We ordered the edamame, unagi sushi, salmon sushi, kampachi, New Zealand sea bream, and a few toro hand rolls.

Everything we had did not disappoint. The unagi sushi and salmon sushi each came with two pieces for about $5.50-$5.75. These were delicious, but it's super easy to start racking up your tab here. My favorite order had to be the toro hand rolls. The rice was warm and the seaweed was crisp, not to mention the toro melted in my mouth.

Would I come back? Yes! It's not my number one sushi spot, but it's definitely a spot I can see myself returning to.

Nobu - Malibu, CA

Last weekend, my boyfriend surprised us with a lunch date at Nobu in Malibu!

This was our first time at this location. Upon walking inside the restaurant, I immediately loved the ambiance of the room, filled with wood and huge windows. I thrive in the sunlight and any bright natural lighting! We ordered the acai punch, edamame, crispy rice soup, seafood ceviche, toro cut roll, and spicy tuna hand roll.

  • Acai Punch- We love anything acai, so this drink definitely stood out to us. A little tangy at first, but when the ice starts to melt, it’s perfect.

  • Crispy Rice Soup- Ian said this tasted like “miso soup times 10". A unique menu item that I have never seen before!

  • Seafood Ceviche- Surprisingly rich in flavor! It was not the typical ceviche I’m used to having as it was topped with tuna, yellowtail, and even octopus.

  • Spicy Tuna Hand Roll- AMAZING. I would come back and order three of these. Seaweed was crisp the way I like it, and the blend of everything together tasted absolutely delicious.

  • Toro Cut Roll- Ian says this was very good! Very fresh and fatty, and melted in his mouth- as all toro should.

Overall, the experience was wonderful. The ambiance of the room and the flavorful food make me eager to come back!