Let's be (crystal) clear...


Mejuri has been a long-time favorite fine jewelry brand that I have been obsessed with! I love what the brand stands for and the message they send to women to buy diamonds for themselves. I’m here for it.

Recently, they dropped a new Gem edition that I am loving! I’ve always wanted to learn more about gemstones and their meanings, however I do not own any. This line is an incredible way for me to learn more, and look good doing it.

I picked the Blue Lace Agate necklace, as I felt it resonated with me most in this chapter of my life. This light blue gem brings peace of mind, and is a dainty reminder to stay calm in stressful times. It is believed to lessen negative energies and to relax.

I’m a huge fan of neutrals in my closet, so this is the perfect piece for a pretty pop of color!