Life Update + 5 Reasons I Fell in Love With Lash Extensions

Call me extra but, lash extensions changed my LIFE. When I started getting lash extensions, I immediately fell in love with them. I went from getting a classic set my first time to mega volume literally the second time, and I've been a mega volume girl ever since.

If you're not too familiar with lash extensions, here's a little break down:

Classic - The most natural set. The ratio is 1 extension per natural lash. This set can only be as full as the amount of natural lashes you already have.

Hybrid - A mix of classic and volume lashes. It's the perfect in between if you're worried about making the jump to volume.

Volume - Fans of 3-5 lashes are attached to one natural lash to create a fluffy, voluminous set.

Mega Volume - Fans of 6-15 lashes are attached to one natural lash to create an even more dramatic, dense, and fluffy look. This may sound intimidating, but as you move up to a more dramatic set such as volume and mega volume, lighter lashes are being used. A mega volume fan will weigh the same as one classic lash.

It's super important to note that extensions should not damage your natural lashes when applied correctly. Our natural lashes fall off every single day, and with extensions on, it makes the fall out more noticeable. However, this fall out is happening even without extensions on and is nothing to worry about.

Top 5 reasons I LOVE lash extensions:

1. They cut my morning routine in half. Yes, I literally woke up like this. Whether it’s for your everyday routine or for TRAVEL, lashes will save you so much time in the morning. It definitely spoiled me to the point where I don’t even like getting ready anymore! Travel wise, it just makes SO much sense. I’m typically ready to explore for the entire day when I’m traveling, so I don’t want to spend too much time getting ready. Your time is precious!

2. They last for 2-3 weeks. You won’t have to put on falsies for WEEKS, and honestly, eye makeup isn’t needed either in my opinion. You can truly be worry free with extensions.

3. They endure any and all events. Tropical vacation? Yes, you can swim with your extensions. You can gym with your extensions. You can go camping with your extensions, all things you probably would not do with falsies on.

4. They’re comfortable. You never feel like you have extensions on. With falsies, you can definitely feel them on your eyes. Extensions are so weightless, you won’t even feel a difference.

5. To treat yourself. Lashes are definitely a luxury service. I am not one to go get my nails or hair done… lashes are my way of treating myself every once in a while!

With this being said, I have a major LIFE UPDATE. I recently became classic certified so I am now offering classic sets! Contact me over on my lash page to book your appointment! Hybrid and volume sets to come later this year. I am truly so passionate about this journey and it would mean the world for any and all support.

Check out my portfolio on my lash page.